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If you are concerned about tuberculosis (TB), or symptoms that could be TB, this website can help

Here you will find information, advice and support about all aspects of TB: from TB symptoms and risks to treatment and recovery – including sources of support to help you through your TB journey. You can also read people’s TB stories; and the answers to questions from others that are concerned about TB.

For professionals, the site contains patient information materials, awareness raising resources and a school information pack.

All about TB

Doctor testing

Do I have TB?

Find out about the symptoms of TB, and what to do if you think you might have the illness.

What is TB?

TB can affect any part of the body, although only TB of the lungs or throat is infectious.

Am I at risk

Am I at risk?

Some groups of people have a higher risk of catching TB than others.

testing for tb

Getting tested for TB

If your doctor thinks you might have TB they will refer you to a clinic for tests.


TB treatment

TB treatment takes at least six months. This makes sure you are completely clear of the illness.

latent tb

What is latent TB?

If you have latent TB it means that TB bacteria are 'asleep' in your body and may 'wake up' at some point.

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