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Directly observed treatment (DOT)

Taking many different tablets each day can be difficult. There might also be a lot of other pressures on you. The good news is that there is help – it’s called directly observed treatment – or DOT for short.

What is DOT?

DOT is a way of helping people during their treatment. Instead of being sent home with your tablets, you might visit your local hospital or pharmacy, or a nurse can come to your home.  This means you have someone to chat to, and they can make sure you take your treatment correctly.

Who can DOT help?

DOT is available to anyone with TB in the UK. If you are finding it difficult to take your tablets regularly, DOT could work well for you.

Your doctor may recommend DOT to help you through your treatment if you have drug-resistant TB, because the treatment involves more tablets and will last longer than six months.

People who have DOT find it really helps them stay motivated. DOT also makes sure that your TB is cured completely.

DOT is very successful and is used in over 180 countries around the world. It is saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

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