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Get support - The Truth About TB

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Get support

It may be a huge shock to find out you or a loved one has TB. You might not know anyone else who has the illness or what to expect.

TB patient and nurse

Treatment for TB is long – at least six months – and often difficult. You have to take many tablets every day, and may suffer from unpleasant side effects. Perhaps you feel isolated or that no-one understands what you are going through. Or you may feel that you can’t talk about your TB, because of the stigma that all-too-often surrounds the illness.

Peer support

TB Alert’s HealthUnlocked online TB forum is a great place to talk to others about TB and ask for specific TB advice as part of the charity’s information service.

TB Alert can also put you in touch with the TB Action Group (TBAG), which offers peer support for people affected by TB. Members are on hand to provide practical and emotional support by telephone, face to face or via email throughout those long months of treatment, and even afterwards for people struggling with the long-term physical and emotional impacts of TB.

To find out more about peer support, please contact TB Alert via email or on 01273 234030.

Further reading

TB Alert’s series of nine patient information leaflets cover the most common questions that you may have about TB.

TB: your questions answered
Answers to common questions about TB for patients as they go through diagnosis and start on treatment.

TB and its diagnosis
An overview of TB and common TB tests for patients about to be tested for TB.

TB treatment
An overview of TB and standard TB treatment for newly diagnosed patients. Contains information and advice about side effects, treatment completion, DOT and others sources of support.

Latent TB treatment
Information about latent TB, latent TB treatment and its possible side effects, and a treatment diary for patients.

About your TB drugs
Comprehensive information about standard treatment for TB, including how to take medication and about side effects.

Multi-drug resistant TB
An overview of MDR-TB and comprehensive information about MDR-TB medications.

Contact tracing and screening
Information for people invited for TB testing through the contact tracing process.

An important test (TB-HIV)
Information about TB-HIV and HIV testing for eligible TB patients.

TB and the BCG
Information for patients about BCG eligibility, the vaccination process and how it relates to TB.