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TB treatment

Early treatment means you feel better sooner. It also reduces the risk of any long-term damage to the body and helps stop the spread of TB.

Patient taking medicationTB treatment takes at least six months.  It is really important to take all your tablets, to kill the TB bacteria completely.

Maybe your family or a close friend can be your ‘treatment buddy’ and remind you to take your medicine.  Your TB nurse will also support you.  It is really important to keep in touch, and tell them if you experience any problems with your treatment.

TB treatment and medication

Understanding your treatment helps you cope and stay motivated. Treatment for TB is usually a mixture of four antibiotics. Read more


Making sure you take all your tablets may be difficult, especially when you are feeling ill. The good news is that there is help – it’s called Directly Observed Treatment – DOT for short. Read more

After treatment

TB can be a long-term illness, though it is different for everyone. That is why ‘after treatment’ is such an important part of the TB journey. Read more

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