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Talking TB

People with TB have long experienced the unpleasant and unnecessary stigma that still surrounds the illness. What drives this stigma? After all, the only thing anyone with TB ever did was breathe in the bacteria and then become ill.

TB stigma is driven by poor awareness of TB. By talking about TB we can combat the myths and misconceptions that surround it, many of which date back to a time when little was known about the illness. In doing so, we can stop people from delaying treatment because they fear the consequences of a TB diagnosis. Talking about TB and explaining why others need not fear TB can also make it easier for TB patients to complete their difficult, but effective, course of treatment.

Addressing stigma

The best way to combat stigma is to educate! Explain TB and explode the myths surrounding the illness, its treatment and spread, and remove one of the major barriers to treatment success in the UK. Give the address of this website to anyone who has questions about TB.

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